Other Common Problems

Fish Dying

Check pH, kH, ammonia and nitrite levels. Ammonia and nitrite should be kept zero at all times because they are very toxic to fish.

While there is an ideal pH and kH value to achieve, make any adjustments slowly so as not to cause fish further stress.

Parasites or viruses can be introduced by new fish. Quarantining new fish in a separate tank for a period of two-four weeks is recommended.


Cloudy Water NOT from Bacteria or Algae

Suspended solids (small particles) such as clay or other materials can cause water to be turbid or cloudy. While these particles may eventually settle, you can choose to use coagulant chemicals to bind these small particles into larger particles, which eventually get trapped into the filter system. If you use this method, make sure to rinse the filter media when water has cleared up.


Oily Surface

Surface scum is caused by organic protein build-up when you inject carbon dioxide into the Nature Aquarium. The use of ADA Vuppa will remove unsightly surface scum. You can also introduce air bubbles with a bubble wand when the lights and CO2 system are turned off.


Plants Dying

See our guide to plant health.

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