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Aside from checking water chemistry, you can also observe the plants inside your Nature Aquarium for symptoms of deficiencies. These symptoms will let you know whether to start dosing certain plant nutrients. The chart below will give you some idea of how to spot deficiencies and how to treat them.
















Adding ADA Brighty Series Plant Nutrients

ADA offers a complete line of plant nutrients that will promote plant growth. These are used at various stages in the establishment of your Nature Aquarium. Please see the recommended dosing from ADA. Note that during the initial four weeks of your setup, you should use half the dosage.

If these instructions are followed diligently, your plants shouldn’t experience any nutrient deficiencies.

Week 1 – Brighty K

Week 2 – Brighty K and Step 1

Week 12 – Brighty K and Step 2, add ECA

Week 56 and beyond – Brighty K and Step 3

ADA Green Bacter is an additive made from organic acid and designed to promote the growth of filtration bacteria. It is effective for the aquarium in its initial setup period and after a regular water change.

ADA Green Gain is an additive that helps the plant spread new leaves after trimming. It contains trace elements extracted from seaweed and plant hormones. It reduces plants’ stress and enhances their growth.

ADA Phyton Git is a formula produced mainly from a sterilizing ingredient extracted from plants. It suppresses fern disease and is effective in removing blue-green algae.

ADA ECA contains rich iron and organic acid promoting the nutrient absorption process of plants. It is highly recommended for treating plant colour-loss.


Click on the icon below for ADA literature on fertilizers.



Photo credit: Aquatic Plant Central Forum

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