“Anything blocking the aquascape is unnecessary.” – Takashi Amano

ADA tanks are simplicity – no frames, just glass. The interior layout looks like a landscape, and fish appear to be flying through air. Only the ripples on the water’s surface tell that the entire system is actually underwater.

Frameless Assembly

ADA manufactures aquarium tanks using precision-cutting equipment, highly skilled workers and state-of-the-art silicone adhesives. The results are glass joints so neat and clean you can hardly see any silicone glue.

The picture below shows how other aquarium makers use silicone to join two sheets of glass together.

The pictures below shows how ADA joins two sheets of glass together with great precision.


There are many copycats trying to replicate the ADA tank appearance. However, their glass joints are not strong enough to hold the pressure of the water inside the tanks, and we have heard many horrific stories of tanks breaking.

Open-Top Access

The Nature Aquarium concept works with living plants. They need to be trimmed and pruned from time to time in order to maintain optimal overall appearance. With other setups, you need to remove the light cover fixture to access the tank. However, when you do remove it, it is difficult to find a place to put down the light without unplugging it from the outlet, and now that you have unplugged it…you can’t see what you are doing! ADA uses pendant-style lights that hangs above the tank (see Lighting) so you can aquascape with ease.

Avoid glass lids on top of the tank because they reduce light by as much as 20-30%. The condensation of water evaporating on the glass lids also blocks light.

Size Options

Nature Aquariums come in a variety of dimensions and capacities.

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