Tank Stands

Recommended Specifications

Any stand you choose to use should be able to carry the weight of the Nature Aquarium. A tank measuring 60cm x 30cm x 36cm (a typical 70-litre tank) weighs over 75 kilograms!

Your stand should be able to withstand moisture from your maintenance routine. Some cabinets are made of particle wood and will not do well when they get wet. These stands may eventually collapse.

The top of the stand should be around 70cm from the floor. This height provides an optimal view of your tank and the ability to work on the inside of the tank with ease.

Ideally, the size and overall appearance of the stand will match the design of your tank.



ADA recommends the use of foam padding between the tank and the stand. This will help absorb any kind of vibration that may cause the glass to break. ADA has several cut sizes of foam padding call ADA Garden Mats, made precisely for each ADA tank size. ADA Garden Mats are made of high-quality foam that will not sag. Many other brands lose their ability to provide the needed “air cushion” after a long period of time.

ADA stands are designed for maximum stability. However, we do recommend securing the back of the Nature Aquarium stand to a wall. For example, use a simple Z-bracket.



Place the stand where the tank will not get too much direct sunlight – one hour a day maximum. This will prevent unwanted algae growth.

Do not place it in front of window. Not only will the ambient light encourage algae growth, but the heat or chill from the window makes maintaining an even temperature more difficult.


Stand Options

ADA stands are made just like fine furniture. They blend seamlessly into your living room, office conference room or doctor’s waiting room.

All ADA stands are handcrafted, and match the accompanying tank size to the exact millimetre. Ask your ADA authorized retailer for the list of available stands.


ADA Wood Stands – This elegant design complements all ADA Cube Garden tank sizes from 30cm to 180cm. Equipment is hidden in the cabinet below; doors can be removed easily for access during periodic maintenance.

ADA Garden Stand – Made of high-grade steel. While the look is light and airy, the stand is stable and sturdy. ADA Garden Stands are designed for Nature Aquariums measuring 60cm and 90cm.


ADA Cube Glass Stand – An elegant all-glass stand that matches the ADA Cube Garden tanks. ADA Glass Stands are made for Nature Aquariums measuring 30cm and 60cm.



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