Equipment Basics

Nature Aquarium tanks are designed to showcase the beauty contained within. The equipment itself is an expression of both form and function, where minimalist design meets superior technology. ADA is the most advanced system available – the Ferrari of fishkeeping. Other brands just can’t compete.


Learn about the science behind the equipment and the ADA options available. If you need help choosing what components are right for you, Miyabi Aqua Design will help guide you. Just ask!

The essential equipment for a Nature Aquarium setup:

Tank – let nothing stand in the way of your view

Stand – where function meets design

Light – optimize plant growth and enhance your view

Light Stand – suspended lights for easy aquascaping

Filters – ensure crystal-clear water and fish health

CO2 – promote thriving flora

Substrate – boost your plants’ health and growth

Temperature Control – create the right environment for fish and plants





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