Aqua Journal Information Magazine

Long awaited Aqua Journal Digital Edition in English is finally available. The
first issue is the August edition features the “Nature Aquarium Therapy,”
introducing the various healing benefits of Nature Aquarium from interviews and
questionnaires. Each volume of Aqua Journal has a rich content with interesting
features and usual information for creating a beautiful layout. It also presents
some the aquascaping woks of Takashi Amano. It will be published monthly, and
you have options of purchasing a single issue or subscribing it annually. For
Nature Aquarium hobbyists who wish to learn more about Nature Aquarium and
improve skills, annual subscription is recommended. Please see sample pages, and
purchase a copy or start subscription from below website NOW!

Click on above image to see samples and start subscription.

Annual subscription: USD 36.00
Single issue: USD 5.00

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