Forging A Good Partnership with AquaFlora


We are happy to announce that we have forged an alliance to distribute AquaFlora Plants across North America.   This announcement is also shown in AquaFlora website.

AquaFlora aquarium plant nursery is located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada and produce all the plants on site, using a process called micropropagation.  Tiny cuttings, called explants, are removed from donor plants and systematically treated to remove all microorganisms.  The result is 100% sterile plant material (no algae and no snails) from which superior quality plants are generated for sale.   Each explant is placed in a small sterile plastic container filled with nutrient media, which promotes rapid growth and division.  After several weeks of growth, they are ready to be sold.  The container containing the plant is never opened and exposed to algae or other microorganism.   Thus,  AquaFlora can get phytosantitary certificates from Canadian Government and can easily export to other countries.

This is the list of plants currently available from AquaFlora.

For more information about AquaFlora Plants, please contact us immediately.


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