Manila’s King of Koi

Ochi Santos’ swimming pool converted into a Koi Pond.

I visited an old friend, Mr. Ochi Santos, known to be the Philippines King of Koi.  His passion for koi is unequal to anyone I have known.  He is my ‘Sensei’ master of building koi ponds, medicating koi and breeding koi.  I got infected with his ‘Koi Kichi’ (Japanese word for Koi Madness) that led me to start my own koi pond and eventually start building Koi ponds for my clients.

He holds the biggest koi collection in Manila, some measuring at least 90cm in length (GIANT)!

Ochi Santos’ Jumbo 90cm Koi

My son, Justin, together with Ochi Santos’ Jumbo 90cm Koi. These jewels are kept in an indoor pond!

Nothing better than having a few laughs together with Sensei ‘Master’ Ochi Santos!


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